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Sri Lankan Adventures To Last A Lifetime

 Go surfing

For all water enthusiasts, Sri Lanka boasts a few world-class waves, numerous sandy bottoms, and hidden reefs that swell considerably during the monsoon season. Ahangama or Midigama are two of those cities that offer sweet breaks, good food, and amazing surfing experiences. For intermediate surfers, Arugam Bay is the perfect spot, and being one of the top ten surf spots in the world, it's a place you should visit when you plan to surf in Sri Lanka.

In a hot air balloon

Let's face it, most of us are dizzy. We are also virtually sure that the hot air balloon is on most of our travel lists. It's about confronting your fears and all that, isn't it?

Taking a hot air balloon ride in Sri Lanka, especially to witness the glorious sunrise, is well worth waking up at an impossible hour. What about the height issue? The golden rays of the morning sun that pierce the clouds, the stunning views of Sri Lanka's lush landscapes and countryside, and your sightseeing point from which you can watch wildlife from afar will soon amaze you.

Go whale watching

Undoubtedly, one of the best moments of a stay in Sri Lanka is to observe these gentle sea beasts sneaking into the water. Add to that a catamaran, a warm sun, azure blue waters, and a whole bunch of friendly dolphins and you have the recipe for an epic day.

Treat yourself to the spectacle of groups of dolphins swirling in the water a few meters from your boat and if you do so at the right time of year, you can see blue whales swimming off the coast in Mirissa from October to March and in Trincomalee from April to September. It's safe to say that watching blue whales is an experience you won't soon forget!

Enjoy whitewater rafting

If you are one of those who yearn for breathtaking adventures and to ride the adrenaline in Sri Lanka, then the island's rapids are for you. After all, what could be more exciting than succumbing to the power of a mighty river and following its course?

For the most action, head to the Mahaweli River, known for its 3 to 5 regular rapids. The Kotmale River also offers rafts of 4 to 5 rapids that last about six hours. Kithulgala and Sitawake also offer epic descents on rapids from 2 to 4. Without exception, everyone can enjoy an unforgettable ride with life jackets and safety equipment, but if you feel uncomfortable, there are plenty of jungle hikes and bird watching to do in these areas.

Discover diving in the depths of the blue sea

Nothing transports you to another world better than attacking yourself at the depths of the mighty sea. It is in these mysterious depths that you can discover the secret life of the marine world and Sri Lanka offers you the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. In addition to colorful coral gardens and brightly colored tropical fish shoals, Sri Lanka boasts a multitude of shipwrecks, thanks to its central location along busy old trade routes. Diving in Sri Lanka allows you to sneak through these wrecks and unravel the mysteries that have been swallowed up at the bottom of the ocean. Nothing will prepare you for the curiosities you will encounter in this silent and mysterious world.

Enjoy a tuk Tuk safari

If you think taking a Tuk Tuk ride is no big deal, think again. The Tuk Tuk is one of the preferred means of transport in Asia and Sri Lanka. Tuk rides are also great fun and exciting, especially if you decide to do one directly from your hotel and take a long walk. Whether it's dizzying speeds (when roads are free of traffic, of course), local chants at the top of your voice, or the possibility of your Tuk Tuk breaking down, be prepared to travel as you've never done before.